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So many have asked "the rest of the story."

Creekside Grains was created from two separate events.

Event One - Michael and Loretta were both professional photographers for over 25 years. They belonged to professional photographer associations, where Michael would make desserts that friends would rave about. When Loretta was President of Professional Photographers of Michigan, Michael made all of the desserts for her President's end of year party. Party attendees included judges for the Annual Print Competition. A tradition for the judges was to put their judge ribbon on their favorite images. The judges broke tradition and put their ribbons on Michael's desserts! Several colleagues told Michael that he needed to start making the desserts for a living!

Event Two - Michael was Executive Director of Miss Heart of Michigan, which was a Miss America Scholarship Program preliminary competition. Miss Heart needed a fundraiser for the program, so Michael invented "Princess Pancakes" and "Royalty Root Beer Cookie Baking Mix." Not only did they raise funds for Miss Heart, the idea took off like wildfire. Michael and Loretta knew it was time to start a business!

Every home that Michael lived in had a nickname. Since their property has Beitner Creek running through it, Michael named their home "Creekside." It was a natural fit to add Grains to the name and Creekside Grains was born.

Creekside Grains mixes are now sold in over 600 stores nationwide. If you know of a store in your area that you would like to carry our mixes, please let us know.

From traditional Buttermilk Pancakes to Ultimate Lime Cookies, to Cracker Upper Saltine Seasoning mixes, there is a mix for everyone's tastes.

Who's Who at Creekside Grains:

Michael invents the mixes. He is the "Flavor Engineer." He also puts labels on boxes.

Loretta is "Director of Taste Testing" and "President of Packaging." She creates the labels for the boxes, scoops each mix into the bags by hand and packs and ships the orders. 

Creekside Grain's gourmet mixes are packaged in small quantities to ensure the freshness of every mix. Our products have a shelf life of one year.

With the exception of a small amount of fake stuff in the Root Beer extract, Creekside Grains mixes contain no artificial coloring, preservatives or any other ingredients that you cannot pronounce.

Someone asked why we do not put the nutritional information on the mixes. We used to have them on the mixes, but an FDA official made us take them off. We have to sell 10,000 of one mix before we can put them back on the labels again. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!



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