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To Bake Or Not To Bake

Shipping Questions

You want a "from scratch" dessert, or bread or pancake, but you do not want to take the time or have the expense of

all of the ingredients that you may only use once.

Creekside Grains will give you the made from scratch taste with the ease of a baking mix.

Most mixes just add butter,

eggs and milk.

You want a quick, easy appetizer or salty snack? Creekside Grains Cracker Upper Saltine Seasoning mixes are so easy.

Just take the seasoning, add 1 plus 1/3 cup canola oil to the zip top bag that is included

and blend the mix and oil.

Add four sleeves of

saltine crackers.

Do the "saltine shake,"

let sit overnight, and enjoy.


We have had questions and not so nice comments about the high cost of shipping.

We charge what the carriers charge us.

Rates have gone up tremendously and shipping times have doubled since covid.

We can save you money on shipping by sending to a business address if you prefer FedEx, or by mailing your order if you choose less than eight mixes.

Please call our office directly to see if we can find a shipping option at a better price.


Even though the website quotes

your order to be shipped via FedEx,

we may mail your order instead.

If you receive your mail at a Post Office,

please include your PO Box in your

shipping information.



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